Pine Creek Rd

Pine Creek Rd connects Pine Valley with Sunrise Highway and makes a nice loop. Technically, the connection is Old Hwy 80 to Pine Valley, followed by Pine Creek Rd, Deer Park Rd, and Laguna Meadow Rd. But's once you turned into Pine Creek Rd it's hard to miss, you just follow the pavement.

The road starts pretty harmless, but Deer Park Rd and Laguna Meadow Rd feature some double digit grades. Once you reach what you think is the top, Laguna Meadows Rd has some super steep rollers in stock for you.

Pine Creek Rd starts out wide and flat

The road narrows and the climbing starts

Surface quality doesn't invite the downhill

Looking back into Pine Valley, just after a steep section of Deer Park Rd

Laguna Meadows Rd - looking North

View South from the false summit