Badwater Rd / Jubilee Pass Rd

Badwater Rd starts in Furnace Creek and takes you to Badwater, a partialy dry salt lake which is the lowest point in the US. While you can't ride up to Mt Whitney, you can start at the lowest point. After passing the low point, the road follows the Eastern bank of Badwater until it reaches its Southern tip.

The road turns East towards the mountains and becomes Jubilee Pass Rd. The road climbs up to two passes, the first one is Jubilee Pass (407 m), the second one is Salsberry Pass (1010 m). The average grade is around 6%.

Google Maps shows West Side Rd as themajor route and as Hwy 178 through the Badwater Valley. Note that West Side Rd is a dirt road.

You could make a 200 km loop with Hwy 127 and Hwy 190. But most of Hwy 127 and Hwy 190 are pretty boring. I started at Badwater and climbed up to Salsberry Pass and returned and found this a very nice tour. On the return you have a complete different perspective on the landscape.

Badwater - the lowest point in the US

Looking North from Badwater

Mountains East of Badwater Rd

Badwater - Looking towards the South

Southern tip of Badwater

Looking North from Badwater

Jubilee Pass Rd at Badwater Rd

Jubilee Pass looking East

Salsberry Pass

Looking West from Salsberry Pass