Hwy 190

Hwy 190 is the main road through Death Valley. In the East, it is the connection to Las Vegas and in the West is connects with Hwy 395. It passes through Furnace Creek, Stovepipe Wells and Panamint Springs.

There are also a number of major climbs. On the Western end you climb out of Panamint Valley and this is a 1200 m climb. The first 20 km cover 100 m. This is a moderate 5%. The final 200 m are even easier.

The next set of climbs is across the Panamint Range. From Panamint Valley, it's a 7% climb gaining 1050 m over 15 km. From Death Valley it's 6.5%, but, since you start at about 50 m above sea level, you climb 1450 m over 23 km.

The final climb is the Eastern exit from the Death Valley: 1000 m at 3%.

You can combine the climb across the Panamint Range with Wildrose Rd to a 100 km, 2000+ m loop.

Hwy 190 at Panamint Valley Rd

Hwy 190 - looking West towards Furnace Creek

East of Furnace Creek