Wildrose Rd

The road starts in Trona as Trona Wildrose Rd and it follows the Panamint Valley to the North. Following the intersection with Panamint Valley Rd, the road turns slightly to the East and the climb up the Panamint Range starts. Its an 28 km climb up to Emigrant Pass gaining 1300 m. The average grade is 4.5%. The road then goes down the other side of Panamint Range until it terminates at the intersection with Hwy 190.

While you climb the Panamint Range from the West, you will find some rough stretches in the road. There are some major potholes and three section of gravel each about a 100 m long. Surprisingly, you will also find a little oasise along the way. After you reach the turn-off to Charcoal Lins and Mahogany Flat, the road gets much better and there are just a few kilometers left to Emigrant Pass. From there it's all downhill to Hwy 190.

Sunset at Panamint Range seen from the West

Looking back into Panamint Valley

A little oasis as you climb up to Emigrant pass

A stretch of gravel

More water and trees as you pass the turn-off to Charcoal Kilns

Almost at Emigrant Pass - looking back West