Mt Diablo

You can climb to the top of Mt Diablo from the South (Danville) via Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd or from the North (Walnut Creek) via North Gate Rd. Both roads meet at the Junction and you continue on Summit Rd to the top.

On Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd, the start is marked by the gate to park. It's about 15.5 km to the top with a elevation gain of more than 900 m. You start off with a steady 6%-7% climb until you reach the pay station. Then the roads levels for about 3 km. When you pass the 2000 feet marker you know the fun is over. It's a steady climb to the junction and from there another 7.2 km to the top. The last few hundred meters are real special: 15%! ( detailed grade analysis)

On North Gate Rd, you start at the North gate and start climbing very slowly. After 3km, you will get into a steady climb to the Junction and on to the top. The total is 17 km with 14 km of serious climbing. The elevation gain is over 1000 m.

When I was riding up Mt Diablo as the first climb of the 2006 Devil Mountain Double, it was grey early morning (around 6am). At around 900 m, we broke through the clouds, the temperature was going up quite a bid and we could enjoy the rising sun and the view over the clouds from above.

There is also the annual Mt Diablo Challenge, a race up the Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd.

Mt Diablo from Mines Rd (Livermoore)