Eagle Lake Rd

Eagle Lake Rd makes a nice loop with Hwy 139, starting in Susanville. This section starts at the corner of Eagle Lake Rd and Hwy 139.

For the first 2/3, you follow more or less the shoreline of Eagle Lake. However, you got a couple of nasty short climbs along the way. Then you get to the major climb. If it's a hot day, you may want to re-fill your water bottles at one of the camp site along the road.

The climb starts relatively easy, but the higher you climb, the steeper it gets. The long descent gets you to the intersection with Hwy 36. Turn left here to continue the descent into Susanville to close the loop.

View over Eagle Lake from Eage Lake Rd / Hwy 139

Cruising along the shoreline

View over Eagle Lake from the South shore

View from the top of Eagle Lake Rd towards the Susanville