Hwy 139

You start in Susanville where Hwy 139 starts right at Main St and head out of town North. The first climb starts right after the city line. You gain about 400m and it's never gets really steep. But there's no shade!

You then descent into Willow Creek Valley, which is filled by a huge meadow. The road cuts straight through it. You cruising through the valley you already see your next climb at the other side. You gain another 250m. Again it's not too steep and no shade.

From the top you see Eagle Lake. You decent into the valley and follow the Estern shoreline of Eagle Lake. Once you reach the Northern tip of the lake, you can left turn into Eagle Lake Rd and loop back to Susanville.

That's what I did when I was riding out there. Alternatively, you can follow the highway to Adin. From there you could continue riding in the Lava tubes area, but I haven't made it there yet.

Just out of town - looking towrds oney Lake Valley

Almost done with your first climb - looking back to Susanville

Willow Creek Valley (between the first and second climb)

View towards Peak Fredonyer from Willow Creek Valley

Your first view on Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake shoreline