Hwy 36

Even though Hwy 36 is a designated bike route, it's not the most pleasant road to ride. It's a two-lane highway which lacks a shoulder for the most parts and traffic is moderate to heavy, depending on the time.

I have selected two segments of Hwy 36. The first one is from Paynes Creek to Hwy 89, the second from Woodfords (Mooney Rd) to Hwy 89.

Climbing up Plum Creek Rd and coming down Hwy 36 is a nice loop. Hwy 36 has a good sized shoulder and with excellent pavement and the moderate descent you can truely enjoy the downhill.

The other segment from Westwood to Hwy 89 is necessary to close the loop with Hwy 89, Hwy 44 and Mooney Rd. The traffic between Westwood and the Western outskirts of Chester is pretty bad. If you come from Mooney Rd, you may continue straight ahead on A21 to get around the worst of Hwy 36. When you get back on Hwy 36, you find a shoulder all the way to Chester. West of Chester, the traffic seems to be getting lighter, but the road has no shoulder.

The highest point of Hwy 36 is Morgan Summit, just a few hundred meters East from the intersection with Hwy 89.

Hwy 36 a designated bike route (?)

Hwy 36 - no shoulder for most of it

Morgan Summit - the highest point on Hwy 36

Lake Almanor

Approaching Morgan Summit from the East

Mill Creek with Lassen in the background