Hwy 44

Originally I thought that the purpose of this segment would be to complete the 215 km Lassen loop: go through Lassen National Park on Hwy 89, continue on Hwy 44 and Mooney Rd and finally close the loop via Hwy 36. However, when I was riding there I was truly impressed by the beauty of the ride.

As you leave Lassen National park and turn into Hwy 44, things are not very spectacular: a two-lane highway through pine forest. It's all downhill to Old Station, which has a couple place to get supplies - get some. There is only a rest stop with tap water for the next 80 km.

As you leave Old Station, Hwy 89 continues straight heading towards Mt Shasta. You turn right following Hwy 44. You get across Devils Half Acre (lava from the 1920-ies eruptions of Lassen) and climb up Hat Creek Ridge. Before you hit the big bend, almost a U-turn, there's road on the left to a vista point. Make sure you go there. You have most impressive views on Mt Shasta and Lassen Peak from the same spot.

You have some light climbing for a few more kilometers and then it road flattens. You also reach the county line and Hwy 44 features a nice wide shoulder throughout Lassen County. You pass along meadows and lakes and the their green creates a fascinating contrast to the blue of the sky - see for yourself below.

Don't miss the rest stop with the water supply. Shortly after that you turn right into Mooney Rd which takes you, mostly downhill to Hwy 36 at Westwood.

Mt Shasta from the vista point

Lassen Peak from the vista point

Hwy 44 impression

Hwy 44 impression

Prospect Peaks

Poison Lake