Hwy 89

This section of Hwy 89 goes right through Lassen National Park. Yes, you have to pay $5 for passing through. But it's definitely worthwhile.

You start at the intersection with Hwy 36 and you begon to clim right away. In fact, you keep climbing for the next 20 km and gain about 850 m in the process. That's an average grade of just over 4% and you have many excuses for taking breaks: take pictures, look at the hot springs, etc.

Once you are over the top, you can enjoy a log descent with views towards the North and East and back to Lassen Peak. You have a shorter climb before you reach the park gates on the Northern end.

Southern Approach

Waterfall (before the entrance gate)

Sulphur Works

Mt Diller

Mt Conard

Diamond Peak

Looking South

Pilot Pinnacle

Ski Heil Peak

At the Top

Almost there - just working your way through the snow

Looking back over Lake Helen

Lassen Peak close up

View to the North-East from the top

Northern Approach

Lassen Peak

Lassen Peak

This is about a kilometer from the pass

Manzanita Lake