Cazadero Hwy

The route described here is the inland alternative to Hwy 1. It starts at Skaggs Spring Rd going South on Tin Barn Rd. You then make a left into King's Ridge Rd. In Cazedro, where you can connect to Fort Ross Rd, King's Ridge Rd becomes Cazadero Hwy. Caszadero follows the Big Austin Creek to the Russian River where you take via River Rd to Guerneville in the East or to Hwy 1 in the West. River Rd (Hwy 116) is a fairly busy road, but it has a decent shoulder most of the time.

West of Guerneville and Korbel, you can take West Rd up North to Healdsburg, Geyserville, Cloverdale and Skaggs Spring Rd.

Cazadero Hwy - View from the bridge over Big Austin Creek (just South of Cazadero)