Marin Headlands

That's a tourist trip: you start at the Northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. You begin with a short and steep climb up on Conzelman Rd. After the viewing areas it gets less steep and you can catch your breath. At the corner of McCullough Rd, you keep climbing up on Conzelman Rd.

From the top, there's a narrow and steep one-way road (still Conzelman). Then you make a right into Field Rd, pass the Youth Hostel before you get to the T-intersection with Bunker Rd. Follow this and stay by the lagoon, the road becomes Mitchell. While rolling parallel to the beach you get to the gate at the end of Mitchell. Just get around and climb up the steep road to the bunker at the top.

Come back the same way, but stay on Bunker Rd beyond the T intersection with Field Rd. Turn right into McCullough Rd and climb back up to Conzelman and take it back to the Golden Gate bridge.

When you come from San Francisco, you come over the Golden Gate Bridge (be careful at the narrow corners by the bridge pillars). From Sausalito, you come via Sausalito Lateral Rd.

Panorama view of Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands seen from Crissy Fields

View over the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco from top of Conzelman Rd

Conzelman Rd descending very steeply as one-way road

Conzelman Rd Western descend

And sometimes it just looks this