Mt Tam

There are many different ways to climb Mt Tam:

From the South via Panoramic Hwy. You can get to Panormic Hwy via
- Sequia Valley Rd - from Mill Valley
- Hwy 1 - from Sausalito
- Hwy 1 - Shoreline Hwy from the coast
- Muir Woods Rd - from Muir Woods

From the West via Panoramic Hwy from Stintson Beach.

The Western and Southern approaches meet at the intersection of Panoramic Hwy and Pan Toll Rd. You continue on Pan Toll Rd to the parking lot at East/West RidgeCrest Blvd.

There is also a North-Western approach from Bolinas via the Western part of Fairfax Bolinas Rd and a North-Eastern approach from Fairfax via the Eastern part of the Fairfax Bolinas Rd. The approaches meet on the ridge and you follow the West RidgeCrest Blvd which is also known as the seven sisters or seven bitches (for those seven repeating hill climbs).

All approaches have the same final stretch: East Ridge Crest Blvd which gets you to the Eastern peak of Mt Tam.

I prefer the Northern approaches. The scenery is great everywhere, but the roads are quieter. My preference may be also due to the fact that I almost killed myself a few years back coming down Panoramic Hwy, just before it turns into Hwy 1.

The Annual Mt. Tamalpais Hill Climb starts in Stinson Beach and follows Hwy 1 until it turns right into the Fairfax Bolinas Rd. You climb to the ridge and hope you have enough left for the seven sisters. The finish line is at the parking lot at East/West RidgeCrest Blvd and Pan Toll Rd.

There is also the Marine (Double) Century which involves climbing Mt Tam.

Mt Tam seen from the Sausalito - Mill Valley bike path

Mt Tam seem from Panoramic Highway near intersection with Muir Woods Rd

Panoramic Hwy Pass, climb continues on Pan Toll Rd to the right

Pan Toll Rd

View from Pan Toll Rd to the East, Mt Diablo in the background

View from Pan Toll Rd to the South, San Francisco skyline in the background

Pan Toll Rd with Marin Headlands in the background

Pan Toll Rd winding up

View over Stinson Beach and Bolinas from Seven Sisters

View over the lagune from Seven Sisters

Fairfax Bolinas Rd

Reservoir at Fairfax Bolinas Rd