Arroyo Seco Rd

I originally thought that Arroyo Seco Rd makes a good connection between Carmel Valley Rd and the roads further South. Arroy Seco Rd is sort of terminated by the entrance to the State Park. Depending on the mood of the ranger you pass for free or for a few dollars days use fee. After half a mile you reach another gate which marks the end of pavement. The dirt road continues (as Indian Rd) all the way to Fort Hunter-Liggett (there is no check point coming from this direction) where you can connect with Nacimiento Fergusson Rd and Jolon Rd. The road condition may be a bit too rough for a road bike - it's get much worse than what you see on the picture below.

You can also take Arroyo Seco Rd to the East connecting with Fort Romie Rd and River Rd which gets you from Soledad back to Monterey.

If you ride on Arroyo Seco Rd from Soledad, you climb a couple of hundreds of meters and you have a few rollers towards the end. The traffic is light and the pavement is good. The canyon formed by Arroyo Seco is quite impressive as you can see below, specifically once you get on the dirt section.

View over the Santa Lucia Mountains

Arroyo Seco Rd

Intersection of Arroyo Seco Rd and Carmel Valley Rd

Arroyo Seco Canyon

Arroyo Seco Rd becomes a dirt road

Featuring wooden safety posts

Arroyo Seco Canyon downstream

Arroyo Seco Canyon upstream