Nacimiento Fergusson Rd

Naciemiento Fergusson Rd is beautiful backroad climbing up the coastal range from Hwy 1. You climb about 850 m in the first 10 kilometers. From the top it rolls down into San Antonio Valley.

San Antonio Valley is occupied by Fort Hunter Liggett and it's home to the San Antonio de Padua Mission and Hearst's Hunting Lodge (now guesthouse, restaurant and bar of the base). Hearst handed over or sold for a handsome profit (depending on the source) its vast property in the San Antonio Valley to the governement in the early 1940-ties for establishing a military training camp.

Today, civilians are allowed on the base after showing some photo id. Unfortunately cyclists are not allowed on the camp's main road (coming in from Jolon Rd). This creates a problem as you need to get through the base from Jolon Rd to Nacimiento Fergusson Rd to continue.

If you come from Arroyo Seco / Indian Rd you bypass the security procedure - everybody knows the bad guys are arriving by car.

The Southern section of Arroyo Seco / Indian Rd is a dirt road closed to traffic - it's beautiful scenery but a bit too rough for the road bike.

Riding through Fort Hunter-Liggett

The valley with the big Oak trees

Looking back to the Fort Hunter-Ligget while climbing up the coastal range

First glimpse at the Pacific from the summit

View of the Pacific

Looking back to the Coastal ridge

More of the Pacific

Hwy to the North

The lower part of the Nacimieto Fergusson Rd

Hwy 1 to the South