Castle Creek Rd

Strava Segment: Mumbo Summit via Castle Creek/Ramshorn

Castle Creek Rd starts at Interstate 5 at the exit of the same name. There's a gas station and convenience store, and the Castella Post Office right by the exit.

You can get there from Mt Shasta and Dunsmuir using a mixture city streets, back and frontage roads and a very short stretch of highway. From McCloud you could connect via Soda Creek Rd but this is a dirt road.

Castle Creek Rd gets you up to Whalen Summit (1686 m) and about 1 mile after the summit you can take the freshly paved Forest Route 26 to Mumbo Summit (1985 m). From there, you can continue on Forest Route 26 down to Lake Siskiyou and onward to close the loop with your starting point. It's 85km with start/finish in Dunsmuir. If you start in Mt Shasta you need to add another 10km or so.

As you start at the bottom of Castle Creek Rd, you will soon pass the entrance to the Castle Crag State Park. After a while you will see a sign announcing that the pavement ends in 2.4 miles which is somewhat outdated. Now and then you will have views towards Castle Crag and Grey Rocks.

The first test of your climbing strength comes after about 8.5 km just before Root Creek. Suddenly the moderate grade gets into the double digits for about 1 km before returning to moderate.

After 15 km (and 1 km after you crossed Castle Creek), the grade changes again to double digits. This continues all the way to the top (about 2.5 km).

Just before the summit, the dirt road into the Seven Lakes Basin and to Echo Lake starts at the right which is a nice side trip if you have the right equipment (cyclocross or mountain bike). Echo Lake and the surrounding land is privately owned.

After a short dip, Forest Route 26 starts at the right, while Ramshorn Rd (dirt) continues straight. You have another three climbs to master before you reach Mumbo Summit featuring some short 10+ % ramps. On the bright side you have wide views towards the Trinity Alps.

Before you reach the summit, you can take another dirt road (38N61) which gets you to a pass to Seven Lake Basin. Lake Helen and the Upper and Lower Seven Lakes are easily accessible. If climb the peak North of the pass you will be rewarded with a great panaramic view including Mt Shasta, Castle Crags, Lassen Peak, Grey Rocks, Trinity Alps and Marble Mountains.

Castle Crag peaking though the trees

A more complete view of Castle Crag from higher up the road

Grey Rocks

Towards Trinity Alps

First Glimbs of Mt Shasta at Mumbo Summit

Overlooking Gumboot Lake