Castle Lake Rd

The climb to Castle Lake starts at the corner of W A Barren Rd and CastleLake Rd, just a few hundred meters after you passed the Lake Siskiyou dam. Castle Lake Rd is about 19.5km long and the elevation is 650m.

The road starts reasonably steep for the first few kilometers. Then it flattens considerably before it's getting somewhat steeper for the last 2km.

Shortly before you reach the parking lot by the lake, the forest opens up and you have great views on the surrounding mountains, including Mt Shasta and Black Butte.

When I was there in early May, I could go all the way to the parking lot. But the lot was still enclosed by 3m high walls of snow. I never got to see the lake.

Castle Lake Rd - view towards Black Butte and Mt Shasta

Castle Lake Rd - view towards Mt Eddy