Cecilville Rd

Cecilville Rd starts in Callahan at the intersection with Hwy 3 and heading West to Hwy 96. The road starts with a climb up to Carter Meadow Summit. It's a wide road with excellent pavement. The grade is a moderate 4-5% over 20km.

Once you have reached the summit, you descent into the valley of the Salmon River, which you will follow all the way to the Trinity River at Somes Bar. The road start to deteriorate, often it's only single lanes from washouts. It's not a bad thing as it keeps the motorized traffic to a minimum. First you pass through Cecilville, later through Forks of Salmon, which features a general store and an intersection. There's the Sawyers Bar Rd which takes you back to Scotts Valley, to Etna.

Finally you reach Hwy 96, turn right and after a few hundred meters you find the Somes Bar general store.

The whole one-way trip is just above 100km with less than 1000m of climbing. If you go the other way you have to climb 1500m.