Gazelle Callahan Rd

The road start in the center of Gazelle at the corner of Old Hwy 99 and Gazelle Callahan Rd. As you ride out of town you see the ridge to the West which you will climb, but it starts easy. You ride slightly uphill through a wide valley with interesting rock formations.

Gazelle Callahan Rd near Gazelle

Gazelle Callahan Rd near Gazelle

As you continue, the valley narrows and after about 10 km you reach the end of it. Now you start climbing 7% switchbacks gaining about 500 m to the top of ridge. As you turn, you have magnificient views back into Shasta Valley.

Gazelle Callahan Rd Switchbacks from the Bottom

Gazelle Callahan Rd Switchbacks from the Top

Once you reach the top, you see the backside of the Eddys. As you decsent, the valley opens and you have great panoramic views with Lovers Leap in the foreground.

The Western slopes of the Eddys

Lovers Leap overlooking the valley

As I was riding in mid-June, there were spring flowers on the roadside and in the meadows.

Historic Home

Roadside Lillies

The area is definitely horse and cattle country.

Grazing horses with Trinity Alps backdrop

Lonely bull in front of the Trinity Alps

You can combine the ride on Gazelle Callahan Rd with the climb to Park's Creek Summit on Forest Rd 17, by taking Hwy 3 South near Callahan. There you climb over another 500 m ridge and you turn left in Forest Rd 17. The turn is unmarked. But's easy to recognize. It's the only other paved road around. The turn is next to a stream and there's a fairly big dirt parking lot. From Stewart Springs Rd you take Old Hwy 99 to Gazelle to close the loop. As the loop circles Mt China, I named it it Mt China Loop.

Profile for Mt China Loop