Old Stage Rd

Old Stage Rd is the only connection (besides Interstate 5) between the Northern ( Park Creek Summit and Gazelle Callahan Rd ) and Southern rides ( Castle Lake and Mumbo Summit ) in the Mt Shasta area. It's about 20 km from Old Hwy 99 to W A Barr Rd and there's one ridge to climb.

If you come from the South and you want to go to Weed, turn right on College. Otherwise keep going straight to Old Hwy 99 and Stewart Spring Rd.

If you come from the North heading for W A Barr Rd and Lake Siskiyou, you must be careful to not miss the right turn passing under the railway tracks. If keep going straight, the road becomes Abrams Lake Rd which gets you to Mt Shasta and Everitt Memorial Hwy.

You have great view to the Eddys and Black Butte from Old Stage Rd.

The Eddys

Black Butte