Park's Creek Summit

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Parks Creek Rd Climb
Parks Creek Summit (West)

You can climb Park’s Creek Summit from the East, starting at Old Hwy 99 via Stewart Springs Rd and Forest Rd 17, or from the West starting at the crossroads of Hwy 3 and Forest Rd 17.

The Eastern climb is about 19.5km long and the elevation is 1100 m. The first kilometers are fairly flat, but soon the climbing starts. After a few kilometers you reach the gate of Stewart Springs. Here you need to turn right and continue the climb on Forrest Rd 17.

The road is mostly around 7%-8% with a flatter section in between. The last couple of kilometers are also less steep.

As you come closer to the top you have great views over the Shasta Valley with the snow covered peak of Mt Mc Loughlin in Oregon on the horizon. About a kilometer before the summit, the peak of Mt Shasta appears behind China Mountain.

From the summit you have great panoramic views: Shasta Valley, the Eddys, Russian Wilderness and Trinity Alps.

From the Western side you start at Hwy 3. The road follows Trinity River. It's a steady 5%-6% climb ovr 21 km in terrific surroundings.

Snow may be a problem. I didn't make it to the top when I was riding there in mid May. Even in mid June, there was still snow close to the topic, forcing me to carry my bike over the snow fields.

Black Butte from Old Hwy 99

The Eddys from Old Hwy 99

Park's Creek Summit from Hwy Old 99

Right turn from Stewart Spring into Rd Forest Rd 17

Forrest Road 17 - view towards the summit

Forrest Road 17 - view towards the summit

Forrest Road 17 - Snow in mid May

Forrest Road 17 - still snow in mid June near the summit

Forrest Road 17 - view over Shasta Valley

Forrest Road 17 - view towards Mt Shasta behind China Mountain

Park Creek Summit - Trinity County

Park Creek Summit - The Eddys

Western Forrest Road 17 - Deadfall Creek and meadow

Western Forrest Road 17 - Trinity River