Old Creek Rd / Santa Rosa Creek Rd

Old Creek Rd and Santa Rosa Creek Rd both start at Hwy 1 and meet at Hwy 46. Both roads have good sized climbs with steeper sections of 4 - 5 km.

Santa Rosa Creek Rd starts in Cambria and follows the creek. Intially the road is almost flat, then the climb becomes moderate. The final 4 km are brutal. The average grade is around 10% with a number of sections being much steeper.

Santa Rosa Creek Rd, together with Cypress Mtn Dr and Klau Mine Rd, provides a quieter alternative to the busy Green Valley Rd (Hwy 46) connecting the coast with Paso Robles.

Lower Santa Rosa Creek Rd - looking towards the ocean

Lower Santa Rosa Creek Rd - looking towards the mountains

By the creek

This is much steeper than it looks (20% ?)

Looking up to the top

Looking down to the ocean and over the steepest section of the road