Parkhill Rd / Las Pilitas Rd

Parkhill Rd and Las Pilitas Rd make a nice loop with the Eastern part of Pozo Rd. Pozo Rd. Parkhill Rd starts at an intersection with Pozo Rd a few kilometers outside Pozo. You got some rollers and short climbs on Parkhill Rd to the intersection with Las Pilitas Rd which is pretty much all downhill (with the exception of a short climb after the old iron bridge) back to Pozo Rd.

You could alo take Parkhill Rd all the way to Hwy 58. But then you would need to take this to return which doesn't seem such a good idea (moderate traffic, no shoulder).

Parkhill Rd

The old bridge across Salinas River (now a 100 m bike path) and view of the river from the bridge

Rock formations along Las Pilitas Rd