Pozo Rd

Pozo Rd starts just outside Santa Margarita at the intersection with Hwy 58. In the beginning its a newly paved road with a wide shoulder. The price you pay is the moderate traffic, mostly big trucks towing even bigger boats, heading for Santa Margarita Reservoir. The shoulder becomes very narrow for the final 2-3 kilometers before the turn-off to the reservoir. That's close to the intersection with Las Pilitas Rd.

After the reservoir turn, the road becomes really quiete and soon the first climb starts which is short and sweet. You then roll down into the town of Pozo with its pub. A few kilometers after Pozo, you have the option to turn back via Parkhill Rd and Las Pilitas Rd which is a nice loop. If you stay on Pozo Rd, the real climbing starts soon.

If you ride Pozo Rd to the very end you can continue via Bitterwater Rd which you reach after heading East on Hwy 58 for a few kilometers.

Views from the Pozo Rd near intersection with Hwy 58

Newly paved Pozo Rd with the wide shoulder

The hills East of Pozo Rd

The quiete Pozo Rd

View East from the top of the first climb

Picturesque rocks near Pozo