Kings Mountain Rd

Kings Mountain Rd is about 6.7 km (from the corner of King's Mountain and Patrol to the top at Skyline Blvd). This is about 10% more of what the profile (DeLormo Topo) says. With an elevation gain of about 480 m, this makes a grade of just above 7%. The climb is very steady, nor reason to shift gears.

The road passes through the typical Peninsula scenery: oak trees, patches of redwood, followed by mores oaks. On the lower part, there is an area, just before the entrance to Huddart County Park, with views over the Portola Valley and the Bay.

One of the nicest rides up there was on one Winter day when I climbed up through clouds and light ride. With about 2km to go, I suddenly broke through the clouds and I enjoyed sunshine for the final stretch.

Once you reach the top, the road continues on the other side as Tunitas Creek Rd. The two of them can be combined into a variety of loops. For example: Start at Canada Rd / Hwy 92, Canada, Mountain Home, Old La Honda, La Honda, Stage Rd, Hwy 1, Tunitas Creek, King's Mountain and Canada back to Hwy 92.

Kings Mountain Rd in the lower 1/3

Views over Portola Valley (just before you reach Huddart Park)

The entrance to Huddart Park marks 1/3 of the climb

Looking up the road from Huddart Park