Old La Honda Rd

Old La Honda aka OLH is the essence of road cycling on the peninsula - it's the benchmark climb. Basically every somewhat serious cyclist in the area knows his or her time. The exact route is from the stone bridge at the bottom to the stop sign at the top (Skyline Blvd).

The road itself is about 5.25 km long and the elevation is around 400m. That gets you an average grade of 7.6%. The climb is pretty steady, just here and there, mostly in the sharp turns itís getting steeper.

Suburban legend has it that the record for climbing OLH is by Eric Heiden (the 1980 ice skating champ) and it's just under 15 minutes. If you can make under 20 minutes, you are a pretty good climber. My best is 21:40 - thanks to Nik for getting me motivated :-)

Old La Honda Rd extends beyond Skyline Blvd. It goes down and after 3, 4 km it terminates into La Honda Rd. Here traffic gets busier, but there's a shoulder and it's fine, specifically on the decent.

Old La Honda can be combined with many other segments into interesting loops. For example, it can be an extension to the Portola Valley loop. Alternatively you can go down the other side on Old La Honda / La Honda and climb back via Alpine or Tunitas Creek.

The little stonebridge is the start for the OLH benchmark climb

View over Portola Valley - a few hundred meters into the climb

The final meters to the "finish"

The stop sign aka finish line

Continue through Redwood forest ...

... suddenly you get great views towards the Pacific

Looking back to the road above

The lower section of the road