Old San Pedro Mountain Rd

Old San Pedro Mountain Rd provides an alternative to Hwy 1 between Pacifica and Montara which in fact I would not recommed for cycling: no shoulder, lots of traffic and many tourists looking anywhere but at the road ahead of them.

Old San Pedro Mountain Rd starts in Pacifica / Linda Mar and goes parallel to Hwy 1, but climbs higher up in the San Pedro Mountains. It joins Hwy 1 again at Montara State Beach.

It was the original connection between Half Moon Bay and Colma, a path was extended and paved in 1915. In 1937, Hwy 1 was opened for traffic with today's route and Old San Pedro Mountain Rd was subsequently abandoned. The pavement is still there for most parts, specifically on the Northern approach. The road is often washed out or covered by the remains of mud slides and the pavement is in pretty bad shape. On the Montara side you find a number of stretches without pavement. In summary, it's boderline, if you want to take your road bike up there and down again.

The grade is easy, according to my estimates around 4%. Unfortunately the road is not in the DeLorme Software, hence no details on distance, elevation and grades.

Climbing from the Linda Mar - about 1/3 up

A little further up - road is as wide as a bike lane

View towards Pacifica and further North

Going through the tall grass feels a bid like going through the fans at the final stretches on Alpine stage (I guess)

Looking from the pass down to the Southern approach

The Southern approach is often narrower and without pavement