San Bruno Mountain

If you come to San Francisco from the South, you will pass the San Bruno Mountain before you get a good view on the city. On its Southern slopes, "South San Francisco - the industrial city" is written with white stones in huge letters.

The 5.25 km, 325 m climb starts at the corner of Bayshore Blvd and Guadalupe Canyon Parkway. It's a wide 4-lane road which has a wide shoulder and outside rush-hour the traffic is ok. After about 2.5 km you reach the entrance to the San Bruno State Park. You turn right for three time and pass under the Parkway. Now you are on Radio Rd. It's a narrow 2-lane with very little traffic. Here the climb is getting steeper: 8%-10% sections.

From the top you have a great views over San Francisco and the whole Bay Area.

The annual San Bruno Hill Climb is the first race of the year for the locals. It's held in the morning of New Year's Day. The record for men is under 15 min and for women under 17 min.