Sneath Ln

Sneath Ln starts just East of Camino Real in South San Francisco near the BART station. It goes up sandwiched between Hwy 380 and the Golden Gate National Cemetry. From Camino Real to Skyline Blvd it has a bike lane.

The nicer part starts East of Skyline Blvd. You make a wide swing around Portola Highlands Park through suburbian housing. It's a moderate climb which gets nasty (15%+) for about 100 m between Amador Ave and Monterey Dr. There's an impressive view of the San Mateo County Jail over on Moreland Dr.

Then you descent a little to the gate to Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Sweeny Ridge. Once you are beyond the gate, you left the city and motorized traffic behind you.

The road climbs moderately with an estimated 5-6% and after a couple kilometers it's becoming really serious (around 15% for a about 500 m). Then it's back to 5-6%. The final 500 m to the top is around 2% allowing for a nice sprint to the finish line.

At the top, you will find some abandoned military installations and have great views over the whole Bay Area and the Pacific Ocean.

There no other paved road to the top, but there's a couple of dirt roads. One goes North towards Skyline College, the other (Fassler Trail / Ave) South East to Linda Mar, where you could continue on Old San Pedro Mountain Rd.

Just passed the gate

Looking back from 2/3 up you see the lower part of Sneath Ln winding around Portola Highlands Park, San Bruno Mtn in the background

Looking down to Sneath Ln just beyond the gate

The final meters of the 15% section

View over San Andreas Lake

The final stretch to the top