Maricopa Hwy

Maricopa Hwy (Hwy 33) starts in Ojai and takes you across the mountains to the Southern end of the Central Valley. It's about 60 km to Lockwood Valley Rd. From there you have a number of options to continue or just turn around. As you get out of Ojai, the first 6, 7 km are almost flat. Then you start an 18 km climb during which you gain around 800 m. Once you reached this first pass you descent about 50 m and then follow a wide valley. The final climb is about 5 km long and you gain 250 m. The final 10 km you descent around 500 m. At the intersection with Lockwood Valley Rd you find a Fire and Ranger Station where you may be able to re-fill your water bottles.

From there, you can take Lockwood Valley Rd East towards Hwy 5 but this doesn't get you anywhere but to Hwy 5. Alternatively you could continue on Hwy 33 and the take Hwy 166 to Santa Maria, but this would become a very long loop back to Santa Barbara or Ojai. So maybe it's best to just turn around.

In Ojai, there's a connection with Casitas Pass Rd which takes you to the coast (Carpintaria and Santa Barbara).

Lower section of the climb with excellent pavement

Looking back at the lower section of the climb

The switchbacks of the Western apporach, seen from the top of the first pass

Looking East from the top of the first pass

At the flat section between the first and second pass

The Eastern approach to the second pass