Hicks Rd

Hicks Rd connects Los Gatos with Almaden, the last couple of kilometers to Almaden is on Alamitos Rd. Along the trip you pass two reservoirs, Guadalupe Reservoir in the North and Almaden Reservoir in the South. In between there's a ridge to pass and it's a hard climb from either side. The steep sections on either side gain a little over 200m and are beyond the 10% mark. The DeLormo Maps are clearly not accurate enough, other sources claim an average of 14% for the Northern approach and about 10% for the Southern one. This felt about ride, some portion of course being significant steeper than the average.

Things are specifically challenging when you continue the climb on Mt Umunhum Rd which starts at the summit of Hicks Rd. With the two climbs combined you have a total elevation gain of 850 m and all of this pretty steep.

On the Southern side, Hicks Rd becomes a private road, but you can turn East and continue Alamitos Rd to Almaden where you find Miner's cottages and the Quicksilver Mining Museum by the roadside.

Hicks Rd at the outskirts of Los Gatos

Guadalupe Reservoir from the roadside ...

... and from the top of Hicks Rd.

Steep section of the Northern approach

Steep section of the Southern approach

End of public Hicks Rd at Twin Creek Swimming Pool

Almaden Reservoir at Hicks Rd / Alamitos Rd

Almaden Reservoir from Alamitos Rd

Mining Museum in Almaden