Encinal Canyon Rd

Encinal Canyon Rd starts at Hwy 1 near Decker Rd (Hwy 23) and provides a quieter alternative to Hwy 23. The climb up the ridge is moderate with an average grade of 5.5% over a little more than 8 km. Your reach the top is near the Lechusa Fire Patrol Station which is very close to Hwy 23.

Encinal Canyon Rd continues for another 5 km with some rollers and a final climb to the intersection with Mulholland Hwy.

Encinal Canyon Rd starts with a straight ramp gaining elevation over Hwy 1

After a u-turn there's another straight ramp in the opposite direction

At the end of this you have a nice view over Malibu and the coast line

But the climbing continues

After the turn, there a short downhill to the Lechusa Fire Patrol Station

Looking back from the top near the intersection with Mulholland Hwy