Hwy 1 - Oxnard to LA

Hwy 1 connects all the little roads which are going up the canyons into the Santa Monica Mountains. So you may end up riding sections of Hwy 1 to get from one canyon road to the next. Alternatively, you can just ride the whole section and back. In fact a lot of folks doing just that - they seem to have either aerobars on their bikes or saddlebags for long-distance touring.

The road is fairly flat, the hills hardly reach the 50 m mark. The pavement is excellent and there's a wide shoulder. Of course, the closer you get to LA / Santa Monica, the busier the traffic gets. If you come from Oxnard, note that there is a section of Hwy 1 which is a freeway (closed for bicycles) and you need to take a detour via Hueneme Rd and Las Posas Rd.

Hwy 1 near intersection with Mulholland Hwy

View towards Mugu Lagoon

Detouring on Las Posas Rd