Mulholland Hwy

Mulholland Hwy connects LA with the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific. It starts as Mulholland Dr which includes an unpaved stretch. It becomes Mulholland Hwy near the intersection with Topanga Canyon Blvd. Mulholland Hwy winds through the Santa Mountains with some ups and downs. The toughest climb is between Seminole Hot Springs and Encinal Canyon Rd which is around 6% and you climb around 400 m. Then there is also the long climb up from Hwy 1, but that's not very steep. It's a really nice downhill. The pavement is very good and the traffic was (when I rode there mid-week in August 2006) pretty light.

There are many interesting combinations you can do. Here are some ideas: Start in LA and take Mullholand Hwy to Hwy 1 and return via Hwy 1.

Ride the canyon roads up and down and connect via Mulholland Hwy and Hwy 1. For example, take Yerba Buena Rd or Deer Creek Rd up and get back to Hwy 1 via Mulholland Hwy and close the loop via Hwy 1.

Mulholland Hwy (towards Hwy 1) seen from Little Sycamore Canyon Rd

The final stretch of Mulholland Hwy to Hwy 1

Intersection of Mulholland Hwy and Encinal Canyon Rd which is the highest point of Mulholland Hwy

View West from Mulholland Hwy near intersection with Las Virgenes Rd

View North-East from Mulholland Hwy (above Seminole Hot Springs)