Tuna Canyon Rd / Old Topanga Rd

Tuna Canyon Rd and Old Topanga Rd are the most Eastern connection between Mulholland Hwy and Hwy 1. Well there's also Topanga Canyon Blvd, but that's a pretty busy road with no shoulder.

You start with a good climb on Tuna Canyon Rd up from Hwy 1. You gain about 550 m during a 6 km climb, that's a 9% average and some parts are certainly steeper than that. From the top you descent into the town of Topenga and for a few hundred meters you follow the Topanga Canyon Blvd.

If you come the other way, note that Tuna Canyon Rd becomes Pacific Fernwood Dr a couple of kilometers before you reach Topanga. When I was riding there, I didn't remember and missed it. I ended up going down on Topanga Canyon Blvd. I saved a 350 m climb but had to deal with all the traffic.

In Topenga you turn into Old Topanga Canyon Rd which is slighty uphill to the top of Old Topanga Canyon Rd. From there you have a winding descent to the intersection with Mulholland Hwy.

The climb to the top of Old Topanga Canyon Rd from Mulholland Hwy

Picturesque rock formations along Old Topanga Canyon Rd