Yerba Bueno Rd / Little Sycamore Canyon Rd

Yerba Bueno Rd starts at Hwy 1 and you get immediately into an 8 km 6% steady climb. You will climb another 200 m over the next 5 km, but the grade will vary. A few kilometers in to the climb you will pass Cotharin Rd. At the top of the road, Yerba Bueno Rd becomes Little Sycamore Canyon Rd which leads you to Mulholland Hwy. Taking Mulholland Hwy back to Hwy 1 offers you a fine descent on a well paved road with just about the right grade. Hwy 1 then closed the loop back to Yearba Buena Rd.

The pavement is pretty rough, the better downhill option is Mulholland Hwy.

The lower parts of Yerba Buena Rd

Panorama view of Yerba Buena Rd

Similar to the panormaic view but from higher up

North-Eastern View from the top of Yerba Buena Rd

Little Sycamore Canyon Rd heading towards Mulholland Hwy

North-Eastern View from where Yerba Buena Rd becomes Little Sycamore Canyon Rd