Blue Lake Rd

Blue Lake Rd is a beautiful ride, 18.5 km one-way. You start at Hwy 88, half way up Carson Pass finish at the Lower Blue Lake.

You climb about 350 m during the ride which come in three sections, each identified by a landmark: the wedding cake rock, the bald mountain and the ridge. On the return you climb back up to the same ridge and from there on it's all downhill and excellent pavement. Traffic was light when I was riding there on a Saturday late afternoon.

First landmark: "wedding cake rock" - 100 m elevation

Second landmark: "bald mountain" - 200 m elevation

Third landmark: looking back down from that ridge - 350 m elevation

Finish: Blue Lake

Lake by the roadside

and another one

Another landmark rock formation

That bald mountain from a different perspective

Meadow with mountains in the background

And another one

View towards the mountain range in the South - I had to actually climb a few rocks to make this shot