Carson Pass - Hwy 88

This is the stretch of Hwy 89 from Woodfords to Carson Pass which is one of the five climbs of the California Death Ride. The others are Monitor Pass (from either side) and Ebbetts Pass (Hwy 4) (from either side). Hwy 89 through Markleeville connects you with those rides.

You can continue West on Hwy 88 passing the Kirkwood ski resort into the foothills.

When I did the death ride on my own in July 2006, I decided to not do the final climb to Carson Pass. The traffic was too bad (too many cars and too fast) for my taste. Maybe this was just due to to Friday afternoon. But in any case, most of the road doesn't have a shoulder or only a very narrow one.

But it's a very pretty up there, see photos below.

Looking East from Carson Pass

Looking back to Hwy 88 climbing up Carson Pass

Looking towards Carson Pass

Hwy 88 near Tahoe intersection

Hwy 88 Impression

Hwy 88 Impression