Ebbetts Pass - Hwy 4

This is the stretch of Hwy 4 from the intersection with Hwy 89 to Bear Valley. This includes two passes. The first one, Ebbetts Pass, is one of the five climbs of the California Death Ride. The others are Monitor Pass (from either side) and Carson Pass (Hwy 88) (via Hwy 89 through Markleeville).

As you continue on Hwy 4 to Bear Valley, you descent into the Hermit Valley and then climb up to Pacific Grade Summit. This climb includes a 24% section! From Bear Valley, you can continue via Arnold to Angels Camp. This part of Hwy 4 is going mostly through pine forest and unfortunately lacks great views.

I was riding the Death Ride section: climbing to Ebbetts Pass from the East, descent into Hermit Valley and climb back up.

At the intersection with Hwy 89, Hwy 4 is a 2 lane highway, following the Carson River and later the Silver Creek. As you get deeper into the mountains it becomes a one-lane back road. Traffic is fairly light and cars drive a reasonable speeds given the road conditions.

The climb to Ebbetts Pass from the East starts slowly/ after about 11 kilometers it becomes an 7% average, but there are a lot of shorter much steeper sections. The harder it gets, the more awesome gets the scenary. Once you reach Kinney Reservoir you are almost there, but the final stretch has some nasty short and steep sections.

Not much to see from the pass, you have to go down the road for a bout 1 km and then you have great views over the valley and teh surronding mountains.

The climb back up from Hermit Valley is about 8 km long and has two steep sections of 7%-10% separated by 1/2 km of flat road whic is pretty much in the middle of the climb. The first and last kilometer are relatively easy.

Eastern side of Ebbetts Pass - lower section

Eastern side of Ebbetts Pass - middle section

Kinney Reservoir - almost at Ebbetts Pass

Looking back towards East

Ebbetts Pass

Hermit Valley - turnaround point for the Death Ride

Looking down into Hermit Valley

Rolling downhill into Hermit Valley

Looking towards the South from about 2km West of Ebbetts Pass