Monitor Pass - Hwy 89

This is the stretch of Hwy 89 from the intersection of Hwy 4 to the intersection with Hwy 395. Monitor Pass is part of the California Death Ride. In fact you ride it twice: first from West and the back. The others are Ebbetts Pass (Hwy 4) and Carson Pass (Hwy 88) (via Hwy 89 through Markleeville).

You have great views. On the Western side towards the Sierra and on the Eastern side into Nevada. There aren't many trees on this climb, so be prepared for the sun.

The climb from the West is shorter (12km) and has less elevation gain (800 m) but it has has two sections which can create some pain. The are separated by the flat to moderate section around Heenan Lake. When you think you reached the top, you didn't. You still have to cross the meadow and then you are there.

The climb from the East 15 km long and has less elevation gain of about 1000 m. The climb is very steady (6-8%) until you reach the county line, then it becomes much easier. The lower part goes straight up the mountain, the you hit a couple of wide switch backs where the climb seems to become easier.

Monitor Pass - the stone marker on the South side, the Highway sign on the North side

Looking West from the Monitor Pass - on a cloudy and on a sunny day

Starting the climb from the West

First view towards the West

Looking West from higher up

Almost at the top

Monitor Pass Rd at Hwy 395 looking East

Looking up into Monitor Pass Rd from Hwy 395

Looking down Monitor Pass Rd towards Hwy 395

Looking towards Hwy 395 from higher up

Looking down at the switchbacks on the Eastern approach

Looking down to the South

Near the county line