Hwy 120

Mono Lake is quite amazing, the lake as it lays in the high desert landscape and the tufa structures it created. That's right were the ride start, in fact a few kilometers South of Lee Vining on Hwy 395.

You follow the the shoreline (in a distcnace) for about 10 kilometers, going around Crater Mountain. Then you turn South and start a moderate 10 km, 4% climb. From there it's flat or downhill to Brenton at the intersection with Hwy 6.

Hwy 120 continues West go over Tioga Pass and through Yosemite National Park.

View West from the start

View South from the start

Mono Lake

Paoha Island

View towards Crater Mountain

View in the opposite direction

Crater Mountain seen through burned pine forest

View towards the Sierra from roughly the same spot