Lower Rocky Creek Rd

Lower Rocky Creek Rd is first part of the Rocky Creek Rd climb. The lower section goes from Pine Creek Rd to Tom's Place. The Upper Rocky Creek Rd continues from Tom's place to the top at Mosquito Flats.

Lower Rocky Creek Rd is over 22 km long. The first 5 km are flat but after that you gain over 750 m in elevation. However you climb about 100 m meters more. After about 2/3 you reach an intermediate sumit and you plunge down about 100 vertical meters.

Both parts of Rocky Creek Rd together are about 39 km along and have a climbing elevation of about 1800 m. Rocky Creek Rd is the first climb of stage 1 of the Everest Challenge, the 2-stage California-Nevada State Climbing Championship.

Looking down on the lower part of the climb - there are switchbacks in Paradise (population 500) and beyond

Views from half way up to the East and the South-West

Looking towards to intermediate summit and down from it to the South

The dip in the climb - seen from top and bottom

Top of Lower Rocky Creek Rd near intersection with Hwy 395 (you need to take Hwy 395 for about 1 km to get to Tom's Place - wide shoulder)