Pine Creek Rd

Pine Creek Rd starts North East of Bishop at Hwy 395. Pain Creek Rd is about 17 km long. The actual climb starts at the corner of North Round Valley Rd and it is 13 km long and you gain almost 900 m. The average grade is 7%, but there are sections with up to 11%.

There are many long straight ramps of 1 to 2 km which I don't like at all.

There's a gate at the end of the road. Looks like the remaining stretch is a private road owned by Pine Creek Tungsten Mill.

This ride is the second climb of stage 1 of the Everest Challenge, the 2-stage California-Nevada State Climbing Championship.

About 2/3 up - looking West

Almost at the end of the road - looking towards Pine Creek Pass

Looking back into Round Valley towards the White Mountains