Twin Lakes Rd

It's an easy ride through beautiful scenery: a little more than 20 km one-way and you climb 200 m at an easy 2%.

Twin Lakes Rd starts in Bridgeport (by the Shell station) and for the first 5 kilometers or so you ride through this big flat meadow which surrounds Bridgeport. There is an ridge in front of you and you are looking for the road to cross it, but it doesn't. Instead the road goes around the ridge. Now you leisurely climb to the first of the Twin Lakes and then you just follow the shoreline until you reach the end of the road.

It's very good pavement and light to moderate traffic.

The Sawtooth Ridge and the Matterhorn Peak in the distance

Here the same from a slightly different perspective

About to get around that ridge

Looking back to Bridgeport from the same point

Getting closer

Reaching the first of the Twin Lakes

The second of the Twin Lakes

View from the end of the road