Upper Rocky Creek Rd

Upper Rocky Creek Rd starts at Tom's Place at Hwy 395. It's the continuation of Lower Rocky Creek Rd. It ends at the parking lot of Mosquito Flats which is, with over 3150 m, one of the highest points in the Sierra you can reach on pavement.

You gain about 1000 m over 16.5 km. The average grade is 6%.

Both parts of Rocky Creek Rd together are about 39 km along and have a climbing elevation of about 1800 m. Rocky Creek Rd is the first climb of stage 1 of the Everest Challenge, the 2-stage California-Nevada State Climbing Championship.

Rocky Creek Rd in the twilight, about 1 km up from Tom's Place

Rocky Creek Lake - about 2 km from the top

Parking lot at the top (Mosquito Flats) - looking up and down