Auberry Rd

Auberry Rd starts in the Northern outskirts of Clovis and gets you through the foothills on your way to Kaiser Pass. There's a short flat section in the middle where you need to ride on Hwy 168.

The lower part is a wide and busy road. For the most part there's a bike lane. There is no shade and in the summer it's getting very hot (100+ Fahrenheit, 35+ Celsius).

The upper part seems quieter and there is no bike lane. The road goes up in straight ramps without any shade.

As you get higher, there are nice views towards the High Sierra and Yosemite Valley.

I didn't like the road particularly: too much sun and too much traffic. It's probably ok for descending when you climbed up Tollhouse Grade or come down from Shaver's Lake or Kaiser Pass.

Auberry Rd is the last section of the Climb to Kaiser.

Auberry Rd - almost at the top, view towards the High Sierra

Auberry Rd - almost at the top, view towards Burrough Valley

Auberry Rd - view over Yosemite Valley

Auberry Rd - view over the foothills

Auberry Rd - Pine trees and rocks

The longs ramps of Auberry Rd

Lower part of Auberry Rd

View from lower part of Auberry Rd over burnt hills