Big Creek Rd / Huntington Lake Rd

Big Creek Rd / Huntington Lake RD is the middle section of the Climb to Kaiser. In fact this is part everybody is talking about, because it's so brutal. It takes you from Shaver Lake to Huntington Lake.

From Shaver Lake you descent about 450 m on Big Creek Rd, followed by a flat section which leads you to Big Creek, a small settle around the hydro-electric installations. At the General Store, you make a sharp ride and the tough climb up to Huntington Lake starts. You are now on Huntington Lake Rd. The climb is hard: 6 km and 650 m. This makes for an 11% average grade. But there are sections with 15% - 20%.

The first part of the climg climbs diagionally up the mountain, the it makes one big turn and get's you to the intersection with Stump Spring Rd. There's no shade during tis first half of the climb.

You continue in the sun and when you reached the forest, the climb becomes a little easier. You still have to master a nunmber switchbacks, but then you get to Huntington Lake.

The ride around the lake is nice and easy. On the other side of the lake you can continue climbing up to Kaiser Pass.

The valley of Big Creek

Big Creek Rd being repaired, Rail Road Grade provide a good alternative

The twon of Big Creek sits on this ridge

A word from our sponsor: Southern Edision built these roads

Looking down to the Big Creek Valley ...

... and up

The first part of the climb

The second part of the climb (seen from Stump Spring Rd)

The lower parts of "sunny" Huntingon Lake Rd

The upper part of Huntingon Lake Rd - still sunny

The final switchbacks through the forest

The tranquility of Huntingon Lake in the early hours