Kaiser Pass Rd

Kaiser Pass Rd is the final climb of the Climb to Kaiser. It takes you from Huntington Lake to Kaiser Pass. It's almost 11 km and you gain about 675 m which makes an average grade of 6% - 7%.

It's starts relatively easy (around 5%) on a wide road. You have great views over Huntington Lake and towards the San Joaquin Valley. Then the road becomes a single lane and the climb becomes steeper, beyond 10%. As you get closer to Kaiser Pass you can enjoy views of the surrounding peaks.

Kaiser Pass itself is rather un-impressive. But the road continues on the other side. After you pass some meadows, the view opens up again and you have a great panaromic to the East and North. There's a tough climb back up: two 3-4 km sections of about 8% separated by a 1 km long flat section. A few kilometers beyond the bottom of the climb, Kaiser Pass Rd splits. One branch goes to Florence Lake, the other to Mono Hot Springs and the Vermilion Valley Reservoir. There are rollers going each way.

Lower Western section

View of Huntington Lake

The wide road stops ...

... and becomes one-lane

View from higher up on the Western side

Some of the steep switchbacks on the Western approach

Kaiser Pass

Meadow near Kaiser Pass

View to the North

View to the North-East

The Eastern climb

View to the East

Trees near Kaiser Pass