Tollhouse Rd

Tollhouse connects Clovis with the township of Tollhouse and gets up to Hwy 168. Here we only look at the last section from the Burrough Valley via Tollhouse to Hwy 168. The first 4 km through Tollhouse are almost flat. Then the Tollhouse Grade starts: 9.5 km and gaining 750 m. It's an average grade of about 8% with some sections of 12% - 13%.

Typically you get to Tollhouse Grade via Watts Valley Rd. On top you can cross Hwy 168 and descent on Auberry Rd, or continue on Hwy 168 to Shavers Lake and onto Kaiser Pass.

Tollhouse Grade is the second section of the Climb to Kaiser.

Tollhouse Grade

Burrough Mtns with Tollhouse Grade