Watts Valley Rd

Watts Valley Rd starts in the Eastern outskirts of Clovis and leads you into the foothills. It's a quiet road with good pavement. It's a slow climb for the first 12 km. Then you get to Wildcat Grade, a 6 km climb where you gain around 325 m. The average grade is only around 5.5% but there are some 12% sections in there to test your strength.

From the top of Wildcat Grade you descent into Watts Valley. Here Watts Valley Rd makes a left turn. The road which continues straight ahead is Maxon Rd which leads to Trimmer and the Pine Flat Reservoir. From there, E Trimmer Spring Rd gets you back to Clovis. I haven't ridden this section but I'm afraid that you may get quite a bit of traffic, specifically on the weekend.

As you continue on Watts Valley Rd, you start climbing again: Burrough Grade. It's 4 km and you gain 200 m. This is a moderate 5% climb. As you cross the ridge you descent into Burrough Valley and the road turns into Burrough Valley Rd. You can continue on it or take Burrough North Rd. After a few kilometers they will re-join.

Burrough Valley Rd ends at Tollhouse Rd. Typically you continue up on Tollhouse Grade.

Watts Valley Rd and Burrough Valley Rd are the initial section of the Climb to Kaiser.

Wildcat Grade is starting (during Climb to Kaiser 2006)

Wildcat Grade - Looking down from the top (during Climb to Kaiser 2006)

Burrough Valley - View towards the Burrough Mtn

Burrough Valley - View towards the Bald Mtn